9 known (and less known) ways to use lime.





Clean your micro-oven.

Is your micro-oven dirty and filthy? No problem.
Just blend some water and two tablespoons of baking soda with half a lime in a micro safe bowl.
Put it in the micro-oven and run it in full effect for five minutes.
Then it’s easy to wipe away all the dirt that has come loose.
You will also have a very fresh smelling oven.


Mosquito repellent.

Cut a lime in two halves and insert 10 -12 cloves in each half.
Mosquitos apparently hate the smell and will stay away.
I have not tested this personally, but I will do next summer.
I hate mosquitos.


Mix a mojito.

I think comments are unnecessary. Read this recipe instead.


Pesticide against ants.

Do you have ants in your house? Instead of wasting the remains from your squeezed limes and lemons, you can use them as a pesticide.
Cut the skins into small pieces and put in a bowl. Fill with water and cover it. Store it in a dark, cool place for three to four days.
Strain off the skin pieces and mix the water with two tablespoons of syrup and some washing-up liquid.
Pour it on the ants and watch them die. You can’t hit them all, but the rest will be attracted by the syrup and killed as well.


Dissolve concrete.

Concentrated lime juice is so acidic it will dissolve concrete.
At least according to Asset Fruit.
I suspect, however, that it may take a while.



Lime is effective against a wide range of diseases.
Including scurvy, Peptic Ulcer, Diabetes, Constipation, Gout, Heart diseases, hemorrhoids, Urinary disorder, Cholera….. well I think you get the point. Eat more Lime.


Fresh hands.

Garlic and onion are some of the best ingredients there is. You can’t do without them. Something you can do without is the smell of them on your hands.
Scrub your hands with lime juice. It’s as easy as that.



The zest from lime can be used to add flavor to all sorts of dishes. But you already knew that, didn’t you?



There are countless of pages claiming the benefits of lime for your skin and hair.
However, I urge you to be careful. Do not go out in the sun if you have applied lime juice in your face. Or any other part of your body that can be exposed to sunlight. You may end up looking like somebody who has walked through a firestorm. The lime juice can react with sunlight, resulting in severe burns on your skin. Don’t believe me? Google “phytophotodermatitis”.

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