I can just as well tell you this directly. I’m not an expert when it comes to cooking. I suspect you need som sort of formal education to be allowed to call yourselves an expert.
I don’t have that.
I just have a passion for food. A passion for cooking and baking bread.
I am a passionate enthusiast, just like you, I suppose since you have found this page.
And that’s good. For then we can exchange experiences on equal terms.
For that is the main purpose whit this page. That so many food enthusiasts as possible to be able to exchange views on all aspects of cooking.
It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner and have just learned to cook spaghetti, or if you can cook a three-course meal that even Osteria Francescana would be proud to serve. Everybody is welcome.
Yes. Trained chefs are also welcome as long as you have patience with some hopelessly amateurish opinions and ideas that will no doubt flourish here.
But now I forget the most important thing. The reason you have an About page at all. To tell who I am.
My name is Tomas Andersson, and I live outside a town called Jönköping in Sweden. My main interests are cooking, baking bread, art, and 3D modeling.
I’m not objecting if you think that my interests are somewhat diverse.
Maybe you think that 3D modeling is a little bit odd together with the other interests. But all three have something in common. You create something. Either by hand or digital. To create something that is also appreciated by other people is probably one of the most satisfactory in life. And if you can add extra value to that creation like health and environment-friendly ideas it’s even better.