Italien salad dressing

Italien dressing

Is there anyone else than me that have given a new year resolution?
Is there anyone else than me regretting that?
I thought so.
Well, a promise is a promise. My new year resolution was to reduce my meat consumption. I have already reduced it a lot, but I think I can do more.

I don’t think I will ever become 100% vegan. However, I’m not even close to that. I can do more, no doubt about that.
But if I’m supposed to trade meat for more vegetables, it has to taste great. Otherwise, I will “forget” that resolution in a couple of weeks. There are thousands of ways to make vegetables more delicious. Some vegetables don’t need anything extra. They taste just fabulous as they are. But not all of them (anybody else not thinking Brussels sprouts is a godsend?).

I have decided to eat more salad for lunch this year. It’s a great dish. There are thousands of variations, and sometimes, just sometimes, you can add some meat and still feel good about it.

But a salad needs a dressing. Otherwise, it’s just boring. And the best dressing is that containing ingredients that you usually have at home. Because of course, you should mix your own dressing.
Buying ready-made dressing always gives you some extra junk you don’t want. Don’t believe me? Read the ingredient list next time you stand in the grocery store with a bottle in your hand. I’m sure you will find at least one additive that you don’t have a clue about what it is.

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Reduce-food-waste Quiche with anything

reduce food waste Quiche with anything

Food waste. It has been a while since I have ranted about this issue. So it’s time to write a little about it, right? It needs to be written about because the amount of food we are wasting in the western world is horrible.

Food waste infographic

Those figures are just freaking bizarre. We must all do something about it. Me too, because I’m far from perfect. Therefore I’m constantly looking for new strategies to reduce the amount of food that slides down into the waste bin. One thing I use to do every week is to make an inventory in my fridge. I’m looking for food that starts approaching its expiration date and trying to compose a meal of it.
It’s good for two reasons.

  • I find food in time before it becomes inedible.
  • I find food that already is inedible.

The second reason is almost as important as the first. It’s distressing to find fuzzy stuff in the refrigerator unless it is a blue cheese.

In last weeks inventory, I found a piece of sweet potato, some feta cheese, a jar half filled with olives, some scallions, and one tomato.
The tomato was a bit soft and the sweet potato looked somewhat tired, but I decided to use it anyway. The rest of the food items were not in such a critical state, but they wouldn’t stay fresh for so much longer. I paid special attention to the feta cheese, but finally, I decided that it was OK.

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