Sourdough Grissini



Grissini is the perfect party food. You can serve it both as appetizers or as snacks, perhaps with a dip.
There is only one problem with Grissin. They disappear quicker than a toupee in a hurricane which means you have to do plenty of them. And rolling 30 Grissinis can be a bit tedious.
Better to stretch them instead.

Keep on reading, and I will tell you exactly how to do. I will also give you some tasty suggestions for toppings.

But aren’t Grissinin supposed to be baked with fresh or instant yeast? Most recipes say so, don’t they? Perhaps, but they have been baked in Italy since at least the 16th century, and I can assure you that there was neither fresh or instant yeast available at that time. Baking with sourdough starter will make them more traditional and give more taste. And it will also give you an opportunity to brag a bit for your guests. Sourdough Grissini sounds fancier, I promise. Just make sure your starter is mature and lively.

Sourdough starter

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