Sandwich bread with sesame oil and cheese

Sandwich bread

It’s Saturday morning and I wakes up to the sounds of war. Apparently, it seems to take place downstairs in our living room.


The war is fought between my kids, and it’s not the first time it happens. It seems that they have to fight over something at least once or twice a week. I’m sure some parents who are reading this will recognize themselves.

I don’t want to go up. It’s too early for that. At least for a Saturday morning.

I decide to wait. Sometimes they manage to resolve their conflicts without mediation.

After a while, the screams and shouting are replaced by a muffled murmur. They still sound annoyed. I can hear words like useless creature and rabid bat, but at least they are not shouting anymore.
A good sign. I try to go back to sleep.

I’ve almost succeeded when something heavy lands on my chest.
When I open my eyes, I look straight into two green eyes. It’s our cat. She wants breakfast and will not accept no for an answer. I give up and get out of bed. With a sullen posture (I suppose) I stumble down the stairs to the kitchen.

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Fresh tomato sauce with a bonus tomato powder

Time to make a fresh tomato sauce. But you will also learn how to make tomato powder of the skins that is normally wasted.

Fresh tomato sauce
I always have the same decision to make at this time of year. What to do with our surplus of tomatoes.
Tomatoes are one of my favorite vegetables to grow. I think they are almost sensual. If you can say that about a vegetable. Ruby red and juicy with a sweet, pleasant taste. It’s not surprising that it used to be called pomme d’amour (love apple in french).
You can say that a handful of tomatoes is like a love relationship. The most magnificent thing in the world.
If they taste anything.
Otherwise, the relationship becomes somewhat strained.

I know that scientists claim that the reason for tasteless tomatoes is due to a loss gene.
But I think it also depends on the long cold shipments. And maybe because they are sometimes harvested too early. Therefore, I grow my own tomatoes.
But that is not possible during winter. At least not here in Sweden.
But I have plans to grow them indoors instead. I shouldn’t be impossible.
I will be back with reports.

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