Pork tenderloin with tapenade and mixed vegetables.


Friday evening, Italian food and a bottle of good red Wine.
It’s hard to think of war, disease and other misery in such circumstances.
You may object that tapenade isn’t typically Italian. I know it’s from Provence, but this dish still tastes Italian.
Some claim it’s easy to cook pork tenderloin. It’s hard to fail.
I don’t agree.
It’s very lean meat, and not very forgiving if you leave it for too long in the oven or the frying pan.

An overcooked pork tenderloin is more boring than yesterday’s corn tortillas. You can at least fry your tortillas to tasty tortilla chips.
An overcooked pork tenderloin is only depressing.
I want my tenderloin slightly pink in the middle. That means it’s ready at a temperature of 145 and 150 degrees °F (63 and 65 degrees °C). Check the temperature with a thermometer inserted in the thickest part.
If you freak out about pink pork meat, you can cook it a little longer but be careful. Or you may end up with something that only a starving dog would call a culinary delicacy.
In this recipe, we will stuff the meat with tapenade and serve it with fried spinach, chickpeas, and grilled bell pepper.

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